Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Boneyard is coming!

Traumador is hosting the next version of The Boneyard and needs your posts! You don't have to be a paleontologist or a dinosaur connoisseur to contribute - this month's theme is "My favorite museum." So, wax poetic about the AMNH, profess your love for the Smithsonian or the Peabody. And then send your posts to our favorite Tyrannosaur.


j said...

i believe that most
neurotransmitters are
amino acids but some
are also pepties and

Amanda said...

Very true...don't forget hormones...serotonin is a hormone.

Traumador said...

Hey thanks Amanda...

I would have thanked you for the shout out earlier, but it JUST showed up on my computer tonight. In fact a whole ton of your posts just showed up for the first time tonight (I'd been having problems with a few blogger blogs this month). Good luck with the scholarship too, I just voted!

I'll get a post up for it ASAP