Friday, November 21, 2008

Carless in the 21st Century

So I chose the geology class because I found out that it's a prerequisite for a required course that is only offered in the Spring of 2010.

And my car broke down. It happened last Sunday and I decided that I don't want and can't afford to fix it. The car's only worth $1000 and it's going to cost close to $900 to fix it. Plus, the bus system here is pretty decent and I can get to and from work and school within twenty minutes. Because I'm a student and employee of the university, I ride the bus for free. Even if I got a car again, I would never drive to work knowing how simple and fast it is to take the bus.

Of course, traveling home to CT for the holidays is going to be difficult...I'll have to rent a car for the week.

Overall, I'll be saving money, reducing my carbon footprint and getting more exercise. So far, I'm enjoying not having a car.


ScottE said...

"So far, I'm enjoying not having a car."

Welcome to the fold.

Zach said...

Bus is always the way to go, when possible. Before I had my car (and even after), I enjoyed the bus here in Anchorage often. However, sitting on its hard seats, listening to the omnipresent hum of the engine made me drowzy, so I would frequently miss my stops.