Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So that's what they're thinking....

The woman who used the computer in my cubicle before I was hired was a real piece of work. I've heard horror stories about her and I got my job despite her; she did not want someone young and "inexperienced" replacing her and she tried her best to keep me from being hired, indirectly.

She also had some weird internet searches. I know this because she never cleared her search history, and everything she ever typed into the Google search box is still in there.

Today, while I was looking for a good political argument, I typed in "Obama is"... and here's what popped up automatically in the search box:

-Obama is a Muslim
-Obama is the Antichrist
-Obama is a terrorist
-Obama is an arab
-Obama is a socialist
-Obama is an idiot

Ugh. Despite all the fear and hate, there was this, my personal favorite:

-Obama is my homeboy

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Zachary said...

I'm proud to say that, yes, Obama is my homeboy.