Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've come to a conclusion. Not a life-shattering one or anything...but this:

I don't have a very interesting life.

I mean, I do. I find it interesting because I'm living it. But you might not be so interested in it.

I also don't have much time. I'm constantly doing something. Work has picked up because we have a new editor and he's like a tornado and is constantly coming up with new things for us to do here in the office. School is quite crazy this semester because I'm fitting in 2 lab courses besides work...and it will be that way next semester, too.

So, I don't really know how to fit in this whole blogging thing. I could write about paleo and geology and biology and zoology, but I dont' have time to do any research. I could write about my life, but that's mostly just interesting to me and also, my life is literally just eat, sleep, poop, study and work. And who cares about that?

I'm in a rut. And I apologize for a) not posting and b) posting about not posting.

I think I need a new direction. Perhaps I could explore the basics of science with illustrations or something. Hand-write my blog posts and post them as pictures - use the time I have on the bus-ride to and from work to write them.

Or I could stop writing. But I don't actually want to do that.

So, I'm working on it...this rut. I'm mostly just worried about losing connections. This blog has helped me meet so so so many awesome people and I don't want to ruin that.


Zachary said...

I enjoy reading your posts, no matter how rambley they are. I've been in ruts before, but I always dug my way out. School sounds busy, though!

ReBecca Foster said...

We all get in ruts. Don't worry about it. Just let it sit for a bit. When things come to you, run with it. Till then, don't worry. We are all always around. It happens :)

ScottE said...

Ditto Zach and ReBecca. Although I could stand not hearing about poop.

(Unless it's fossil poop. I'm all over that.)

Zachary said...

Hell, Scott has been in a blogging rut since 2007! (HA!)

Matt. said...

I'll throw my two cents of support behind what's already been said. And, I think blogging via hand-written posts is a great idea--there's a lot of process-type stuff that's hard to translate into a standard blog template.

ScottE said...

"Hell, Scott has been in a blogging rut since 2007! "

Probably true. (Though I'm not really sure.)