Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh my dog, what am I going to do with myself now???

Finals are over. They.Are.Over. Thank f--ing FSM!!!

If I were a dog, I'd be a really mangy one...sniffing at rocks and wagging my stumpy half-bitten-off tail and eating garbage (I actually just ate two Pop Tarts, which are technically garbage, if you read the ingredients list). That's how beat up and pitiful I feel.

My math final was terrible. I understood everything on it...I just couldn't get over the hump that is basic math. Yes, that's right; I know how to find and classify all critical points of a function...but I can't seem to set the derivative equal to zero and solve for it. I can integrate like a champ...but remember what the derivative of csc(x) is??? That's asking too much. What? You want me to add 2 + 2? How 'bout I just find the volume of rotation for f(x)=csch(x) around the x-axis instead.

I spent the first hour of the math final furiously scribbling my answers and the last two hours staring at two problems with my brow as furrowed as it gets. I now have incredible permanent wrinkle lines between my eyebrows.

So I left the exam, and then I cried because I studied really really hard and it paid off very little and this had been the hardest course I've ever taken in my life and I really wanted to get an A in it because that would make me so.damn.proud. of myself. And then I went home and cried some more because my boyfriend and one of our mutual friends were all done with classes and exams and having beers on the porch and I can't have beer and I couldn't hang out because I had to study for my next exam and POOR ME!!! *gasps for air*

Sometimes I worry that I'm just not emotionally equipped for academia.

But damned if I'm gonna work in this office doing dry, repetitive work that I'm not the least bit enthusiastic about for the rest of my life.


Traumador said...

Hang in there it's almost over... than you can do fun summer type things!

Good luck with those last exams!

Zach said...

Well, eventually you may just "run out" of emotion, at which point you'll regress to an emotionless husk of a being. Like Data.

Wait, Data kicks ass.

My buddy Erik just graduated after a killer final semester. He's on top of the world, not because he can get a good job now, but because he doesn't have to go to school anymore. :-)

Laelaps said...

I'm glad your finals are over! Mine are just beginning (oh noes....)

I'm sorry you're disappointed about the math test, although I'm sure if I tried to take it I'd go cross-eyed and have a seizure right there. I understand what you mean about really wanting an A, though. I really wanted an A in human osteology but at this point it's an impossibility. At least you can put it behind you, though, and I hope you did well (you never know! the results may be surprising).

I'm glad you're one semester closer to reaching your goals, though, and I hope you get to enjoy the summer!