Friday, May 9, 2008

Montreal and the Biodome

A while ago (make that 2 weekends ago!) I went with J and his sister, C, and their mom, Mrs. J, to Montreal. I'd only been there once, even though it's the closest big city to my home. The first time I went, I went with a friend who was on a mission to find the perfect lube.


This time, rather than going to the sex shops, I went to a bunch of museums and some really nice restuarants. We left early on Saturday morning and got to the border at about 9:30 am. We crossed with no problems....oh wait...that's not true. The border guard was a huge bitch. She asked us for IDs and when we had to collect them from one another, she said "what...didn't you see all the cars in front of you getting their id's out?" 'Cause y' dare we not have our ID's ready as soon as we pulled up to her window (we actually had them all out, but they just weren't in ONE person's hand).

Whatever...that woman shouldn't be the face of Canada.

But I digress...
We checked into our hotel, Le Centre Sheridan, and went up to our tiny room (yes, the one we squeezed four people into). It was actually the perfect room for the weekend. I had a great time with J's family, even though we had to coordinate four showers each morning.

So we went to the Biodome, which was very cool. It was bird week or something and they handed out these bird identification checklists and asked us to record all the species of birds we saw, which I thought was a great idea until I actually got into the tropical dome and HOLY CRAP THERE WERE MONKEYS EVERYWHERE!! So I forgot about the birds for like, oh, the whole rest of the time.

The marine dome, forest dome and arctic domes were all very cool, too (but, as should be obvious by my lack of excitement, were NOT as cool as the monkey/tropical dome).

I even managed to see my favorite animal:

What??? You can't tell what that is? Let me help: it's a sloth. When I found out they had a sloth, I rushed off to find an employee who could help me locate it. It was at the very top of the dome, so I couldn't really see anything, but I did find out that sloths only poop about once a week! And they house blue-green algae in their hair!

After the Biodome, we went to the Jardin Botanique de Montreal and to the Insectarium. We arrived just in time to see the Butterflies Go Free event. Butterflies from around the world were fluttering all around a small greenhouse area. They were so beautiful and I was so excited that I nearly cried. We walked into the greenhouse and all the sudden there were butterflies everywhere and I could hardly contain my excitement so I just said "WOWWWWW!" and "they're so beautiful and -oh my god look at that one!!!" like, five hundred times. And the whole time we were there, I was secretly hoping that a butterfly would land on me because then everyone would think, aaaaahhhh, she's the butterfly whisperer. But then one DID land on me and I almost crushed it because it scared me and I didn't want a giant insect with a big face attached to my elbow and wouldn't you know, everyone in the greenhouse just happened to be standing right next to me when it happened.

Other things we did that I really liked:
-Ate at Chu Chai
-Went to the fine art museum
-Stayed up late laughing about stuff
-Hung out and had cheesecake in the hotel bar
-Went to the science museum
-Ate at a vegan buffet

Stuff we did that I didn't like so much:
-Ate a Burger King (first time I've eaten fast food in like, a hundred years...and only because it was the only place made J sick)

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Zach said...

That's so cool! I need to go to that biodome and see monkeys and sloths and rays. You know what our zoo has? Wait for it...wait for it...A MOOSE. Guess what? Moose come into my front yard and eat my lilac bush! Our zoo is kind of a joke to locals like me, because there's not one animal in there that you can't see on a hike.

Well, except the snow leopards and Indian tiger. They're fairly new. Otherwise, though, it's all bears, wolves, moose, and porcupines.

Aside: I saw a little red fox in the parking lot of my office today. They're so cute!

Secondary Aside: If you go to San Diego's Sea World, they have an exhibit where you can pet bat rays, and the bat rays really like pets! You know how dogs (or cats) will shove their heads under your hand when they want pets? The rays do, too! They're kind of slimey, but very gentle and playful.