Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Housekeeping (because it's fun to do when it's not in the house)...

I envisioned that my summer would be full of reading and writing and blogging about really interesting things, such as paleontology, geology and such. But, it turns out that I've been just as busy as ever. So, a few things to keep you up to speed:

-My cat, Echo, had a weird episode the other day where her back legs just sorta gave out on her. She seemed really out of it and J said she "looked like animals do in the movies when the get shot with a tranquilizer dart." I brought her to the vet and they said there's nothing wrong. So, we're watching just to make sure.

-There's a new blog out there by Darren Naish and Mark Witton, Azhdarchid Paleobiology, and it's all about pterosaurs. Mark's illustrations grace the posts. Be sure to check it out. I've included a link under the "Paleo/Sciency Blogs" category. Also, be sure to read Mark and Darren's new paper!

-I've had three appointments with the dentist in the last few weeks. I hadn't seen a dentist for almost four years prior to that. I didn't have insurance and I was afraid to go. I had a filling this morning and I can't feel my face. But my teeth look nice. And that big cavity is gone.

-I got some photos back from that photo shoot I did in March. The pictures look really nice and I would love to share them, but something tells me that I can't (I signed over the rights to those photos when I signed the model release and I'm sure they wouldn't be happy with me posting their photos in the public domain).

-I've done another 3 hours of work on that Triceratops painting. Unfortunately, that three hours of work only yielded the completion of two toe bones. I hope to have it finished in the next couple of weeks so I can put it in the local art show.

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