Thursday, February 28, 2008

Presents in the mail...

After having such a long week (month), I decided to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy. It's a habit I've outgrown since I actually started making enough money to live off of (funny how spending your own money is less appealing). I'm not relapsing into the habit...honest to FSM...but I do believe that monetary indulgence, in small infrequent doses, is okay.

I'm now the proud owner of, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of, the following:

One large, women's Mammut Pilgrim Jacket with 650 down filling and wrist gaiters! I borrowed a jacket from my friend Jamie for most of the winter and am now wearing my bulky, ugly, non-hoodie, down Timberland jacket. I've wanted a new coat all winter, but couldn't imagine putting down between $200 and $300 for I've waited until now, when all the coats are on sale.
One MST3K DVD. That's's Mitchell, one of the most amazingly funny episodes of MST3K ever! I tried to rent it at the video store the other night and they only had it on VHS. So, it was either buy a DVD or buy a VCR. This made more sense.
One MST3K The Essentials DVD. It's two of the absolute worst movies ever made, Manos: Hands of Fate and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, made bearable by Joel, Crow and Tom Servo. I've been trying to find Manos: Hands of Fate on DVD because it really is one of the stinkiest movies of all time and J and I especially enjoy the REALLY bad movies. Again, it was buy the DVD or a VCR. (Are VCRs cheaper than DVDs now?)
One Von Steuben's Continentals: The First American Army DVD. This isn't necessarily something I'm REALLY interested in...I'm more of a Civil War buff...but the guy on the cover, Matt Keagle...he's my childhood best friend. So, of course, I want to financially support his work...and it'll be SO MUCH FUN to watch. This guy was my first partner in paleo crime. As kids, we planned on doing a week-long dinosaur dig with Dinamation International Society (it didn't happen...pennies don't add up to thousands of dollars that quickly). I don't really know where he is now. He's one of the few people I know who make a living doing exactly what they've always wanted to do. That's admirable.


Jerry D. Harris said...

One large, women's Mammut Pilgrim Jacket with 650 down filling and wrist gaiters!

Coooooool...I've been dying for a nice Arc'teryx jacket or two 'cuz...well, you know...who can resist a product with that company logo???

Anonymous said...

Wocka chicka, wocka chicka ... Mithchell!!


Brian said...

Nice! Nothing like some good MST3K episodes (and a piece of clothing named for an awesome prehistoric critter).

Traumador said...

If you like MST3K than you'll love Rifftrax.

Since the cancellation of the satelitte of love Mike Nelson and the voices of the robots (Kevin Murphy and dude whose name escapes me at moment) have gone on to a similar, but in my opinion grander arena.

Rather than legitimately get the rights to awful movies (which is funny and awesome), they've now done mp3 riffing for REAL hollywood movies! Off their site you can buy (for just $4!) MST3K quality and style commetary tracks making fun of all sorts of movies including my purchase and watch last night...

JURASSIC PARK!!! With guest star... I still can't believe how tailored to my wrapped tastes this was... Weird Al!!! JP alone is worth buying, but Star Trek 5, Fellowship of the Ring, and T3 Rise of the Machines have all been far better than renting a new movie on the weekend.

I'm such a living typing commerical for them... I should get a free riff for this little endorsement alone ;p

Anyways let me know what you think if you check them out (I'm a huge MST3K fan too by the by)

Amanda said...

Jerry- I looked at an Arcterx jacket the other was over $300! Oh, but the logo is cool! I actually was contemplating getting the famous archaeopteryx skeleton tattooed on my body and then J asked, "You mean, the arcteryx logo?" He was serious. I decided against the tattoo.

Brian- Yeah, seriously. MST3K makes me happy, even when I just sleep through the episodes.

Traumador- Thanks for the tip! I'll download one today and let you know what I think. I'm pretty excited for Cinematic Titanic to come out (downloadable in April). Apparently you can buy a cd for 15$ but it doesn't even come in a case...just a Netflix-type package.