Saturday, February 23, 2008

Boneyard XIV

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Welcome to the 14th edition of The Boneyard! I usually like to do this in story format, but I've been in and out of the E.R. with J for the last few days and just haven't had the time to prepare as usual (meaning the one other time I hosted this). So, I bring you The Boneyard, in bullet form:

That's all for the past two weeks. I only had one submission this time around and so if I've missed something you've posted, I'm sorry! You can always post a link in the comments below.


Zach Miller said...

You're quick, Amanda! I was sick as a dog last night, so I was unable to create the uber-post I wanted. However, I have posted a draft of Nyctosaurus for the art show, with a description of the beast. Could you throw that in? Thanks!

Will Baird said...


I emailed my gorgon post to Brian a few days ago!


Amanda said...

Sorry guys! I've added both the links to the post.

Will...I may have missed an email from Brian. I was away from the web until I posted this on Saturday. Anyway...thanks for letting me know!