Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures from the SDS Household

I love my little corner of the planet. It's so cozy and filled with furry animals and people I can relate to. And something wonderfully funny happens almost every day.

Like a pile-up:

We have some grumpy moments, too (like, when we try to give Echo a cool hair-do that she doesn't really want):

And it's never dull when Emily is in the room. She just sits pretty:

And sleeps with her nasty open-eye face:

I actually love the open-eye face. J sleeps like that, too. It's like neither of them fully trust what's going on in the room.
P.S. We watched a stand-up routine by Louis C.K. last night. It was hysterically funny. I highly recommend it.

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Zach Miller said...

My friend Nelson sleeps with his eyes half open. It's...scary. You'll be sitting there, watching a movie in the next chair, and you look over and he's just staring at you with these unblinking eyes. Then he smacks his lips and flutters his eyelids and you realize he's asleep.

As for our cat, she's taken to sleeping under the covers at night (sigh) and kneading our bellies to death. Oh, and then there's the licking. She WILL find that one open patch of skin on your body.