Monday, February 11, 2008

Loose Ends...

School: This semester feels so different from last semester. I don't feel like I know what's going on in my classes. Part of the reason is that I don't have enough time to study. I'm studying just as much as I was last semester, but the material is harder and much more dense and I'm at the point where if I devote another minute to any one thing, everything will come crashing down. If I don't do enough studying, I won't do well in school and I'll feel like crap. If I don't do enough relaxing I'll go crazy and feel like crap. If I don't go to work I'll get behind on rent and starve and feel like crap. But enough whining. I got the grades back from my first Chemistry test and I got an A. And then I forgot to take an online quiz this weekend and I got an F on that. Fortunately, the grade will be dropped (the lowest grade is dropped) but it's a testament to my mentality this semester. My head isn't where it should be and I can't afford that.

In other news, school is at least amusing. Seen in the student center:

Other: J is sick and has been for almost a month. I feel bad for him. It's on and off sinus-y stuff with intense headaches and vomiting thrown in. The vomiting occurs when there's a headache and the headaches stem from the sinus infection. He's taken antibiotics already, but either they weren't strong enough or there's no sinus infection. He's taking another round of them starting today...the stuff that's for anthrax poisioning. I hope they work.

Weekend: We hosted the "Big Lebowski Bathrobe Birthday Bash" this weekend. It was a birthday party for J and a bunch of other people whose birthdays fell in the first two weeks of February. It was also a going away party for my friend Danielle, who's going to spend her first out-of-country experience in South Korea for an entire semester. The party involved bathrobes, caucasians (white russians) and of course, The Big Lebowski. It was a decent time...I tend to not have so much fun at alcohol-centered events. Speaking of...the 3rd was my recovery anniversary and I've now been clean/sober for six years.

Cats: Echo and I played "hide the Ewok" this weekend. She won.

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Zach Miller said...

Com'on, man, I've had a bad day, and I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!