Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slight misunderstanding...

The cashier in the cafeteria near my office got very upset with me today. Here's a transcript of our interaction:

Me: "Hi. I brought my own bagel, but I used some of your butter. And I have a coffee and some bacon." Nod toward my plate and travel mug.

Cashier: "Okay. So, just the bacon and a refill?"

Me: "Yes. Well, it's not a refill. I didn't get any coffee yet today. "

Cashier: "Okay." Rings up the bacon.

Me: Noticing that the total is only $1.13. "Don't forget the coffee."

Cashier: "Ugh." Rolls her eyes and does some weird thing with her shoulders. "I just asked you if you got a refill and you said no."

Me: Mumble incoherently, pay and walk away.

Woman in other cashier's line: "I have a coffee and a donut."

Other cashier: "A refill and a donut?"

Woman in other cashier's line: "Huh?"

Other cashier: "A refill means you brought your own cup."

I'm pretty sure that the word "refill" implies that you've already filled the cup once. Perhaps something like "hey-you-brought-your-own-mug fill" might clear up the confusion.

P.S. I'm really slacking on the posts here...I've decided to blog about Stephen Jay Gould essays for a while to keep me reading and writing about paleo/evolution. I promise a post on that note soon.


Will Baird said...

hrmph. You missed your chance to be in the last BY. :P

Zach Miller said...

That's true! You'd better whip up something awesome for next time, Amanda!