Thursday, January 3, 2008

Eating raw...and starving

My New Year's resolution is to be more accountable...return more phone calls, isolate less. But, on top of that, I'm joining J in a quest to eat only raw foods for the first two weeks of 2008.


Well, J has his reasons and they're good ones. I'm doing the raw diet for two reasons: to see if I have an allergy to wheat or soy and to see if I can actually live without fatty-fat-fat food for two weeks. Let me say this now, to avoid the possible onslaught of concerned comments: I don't think I'm fat and I don't want to lose weight. That being said, I do think that I could stand to have better eating habits. Instead of stuffing food down my throat in a panic in order to satisfy an immense craving for fullness, I'd like to eat slowly and actually taste my food. I'd also like to be okay with eating a meal that doesn't include cheese, sugar or chocolate.

Anyway, the raw food lifestyle is evil. I've gone from eating two or three meals a day to eating every three seconds. And that's not the only thing I'm doing more often...

I'm also always hungry.

Here's what I'm craving: peanut butter, cheese, warm bread and chocolate.

Here's what I can eat: raw veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, raw honey and unpasteurized dairy products.

Not even close. Not one damn iota.

J has all but begged me to just eat what I want. He's pretty tired of my complaining. Unfortunately, I find it ever so fun to ask "Can we eat _____?" (fill in the blank with something warm and unhealthy) repeatedly until I collapse in a fit of exhaustion.

At this point, I'd probably be willing to eat anything that was warm...recently killed animal, poop or plastic that's been baking in the sun.

But really, I think there's a benefit to this...and it'll be over soon. It hasn't been all fact, I felt so relaxed and healthy today that I was able to enjoy a great lunch with J and our friend, Danielle, in the "Area of Refuge" of the new student center. was called the "Area of Refuge."


Laelaps said...

An area of refuge is good, but eventually would like an "Angry Dome" as in Futurama. Then again, my blog is sort of like a virtual angry dome...

Amanda said...

Oh! I love the "Angry Dome." My car is my angry's where I vent most of my frustration, unfortunately, mostly in the form of yelling "BACK OFF" and "LEARN TO DRIVE."

Your blog doesn't seem too angry...appropriately angry, methinks.