Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MEMMM (again, posted on Tuesday)

J's Tasty Tahini Dressing

Sometimes we get the urge to eat healthy at the SDS household. It usually happens after long bouts of pizza-eating when we realize that our digestive systems are on strike because of our diets. We recently tried to do a raw diet, which we are no longer doing (because it's horribly torturous and, I believe, pointless). Anyway, some good came out of the raw diet: we learned how to make really tasty salads. Okay, J learned how to make really tasty salads while I lounged about the house. Anyway, J made salad dressing last night and it was freakin' delicious. I don't know the exact amounts, but he mixed the following:

1 clove organic garlic
one nub of organic ginger, peeled
organic olive oil
organic lemon juice
organic brown rice vinegar
organic tahini
organic vine tomato

We poured the dressing over a salad containing the following:

organic mesculin mix
organic carrots
organic red pepper
organic cucumber
organic avocado
organic red quinoa

We also bought a mango to put in the salad, but it wasn't ripe enough. I thought the salad was delicious but Emily, who turns her nose up at anything with vegetables in it, wasn't so impressed. While she gives the meal a 3 out of 10, I give it a 9.

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