Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love taking pictures and I probably take about 10 per day... pictures of sunsets or food or cats. Especially now that I have my brand-new camera. I usually don't post pictures because it's a hassle to connect my camera to the computer at work (on my lunch breaks, of course). Well, I've had a bunch of pictures I've wanted to post, but haven't gotten around to...until now. So, for your viewing pleasure (or mine, really), I'm going to post a bunch of pictures! YAY!

First, some cat pictures. I firmly believe that most bloggers, even the most sciency bloggers, regularly post pictures of their cats. And why not? My cats are like my children, except I don't have children, and my cats aren't as demanding and didn't emerge from my uterus. Anyway...

I caught Echo the other night trying to steal The God Delusion, which I'm struggling to find time to finish right now. Notice the pom-pom tail...she got shaved about a month ago and still looks like a puny lion. Oh god, the cute, it burns.

For the most part, the cats don't get along...but sometimes, they just need company. That's Zeus on the left, Echo on the pillow and Emily in front. Emily is curled up with Dinosaur, my favorite stuffed animal that I got when I was five. He's had major surgery several times, but is still kickin'.

Here's a close-up of Emily. I just love her...she's so little and sweet.

J has been sick for about a week now and on the first night he felt ill, Echo decided to do a little healing. She's not as sweet as Emily...any territory is her territory and she'll OWN it.

I just think this is a testament to how sweet and timid Emily is. And how flat her face is.

And of course, some non-cat photos:

On the way to my car after work, I passed this car. In case you can't read it, the bumper sticker on the right says "My dog is smarter than the President." I felt an immediate kinship with this person...

J's sister, C, went to Florida and brought us back this wooden Triceratops puzzle. After reading th back of the puzzle, which stated "Even T-rex gave Triceratops some respect," J came up with a new hand sign for ghetto Triceratops. Don't go flashing the hand sign around museums, though, as you might upset the real Triceratops gang.


Zach Miller said...

Indeed. It's well known that flashing the Tri-sign around a group of centrosaurines will instantly result in a nasting goring.

Zach Miller said...
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