Friday, November 30, 2007

Keyword Extravaganza!

In addition to these, Statcounter has discovered some interesting keyword searches that have brought people to my blog. They fall under two categories:

  • lab can't poop
  • cat can't poop
  • can't poop around boyfriend

and Alcoholism:

  • does my professor know I'm an alcoholic?
  • I'm not an alcoholic

I guess, then, that this comes as no surprise:

cash advance


Zach Miller said...

One of my cats has a urinary tract infection. She's on a special wet food diet, but it wrecks havok on her digestive system. She poops like six times a day, and it's always goopy, pudding-like poop (I'm gagging just thinking about it) that smells worse than anything I have ever smelled. EVER. When I leave for work in the morning, I have to put her in the computer room and close the door, lest the dog eat all the cat's food. But I feel sorry for the cat, who has to sit in a room with a smell that could stun a rampaging elephant.

Amanda said...

AW! Poopycats are so cute and so gross! I have two persians and they get poop in their butt hair all the time. Sometimes there's a little trail of poop from the litterbox to the living room.

They're about due for butt-hair shaves.