Saturday, November 3, 2007

Check out Procompunathus!

I know, I's Procompsognathus. But that's only if you're talking about the dinosaur. And I'm not. I'm talking about my newest, most beloved toy:

Yup! I did it! I bought myself a laptop and now I can post on the weekends from my favorite coffee shop! I can store my very own pictures on my very own computer. I can download journal articles and store them on my desktop. I can look at non-P.C. websites without fear of repercussion! It's all very exciting to me.

And yes, I am a huge nerd for naming my computer "Procompunathus." But I'm not sorry...I will not apologize for my nerdiness. It's something I've come to love. I mean, I love it in everyone else, so why not embrace it?

The computer is a Sony VAIO CR220E/L. It's got 200GB of hard drive space (or so it was's only showing 178GB on the computer), 2GB of memory, an Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (200GHz) processor and a DVD/CD burner! Wooohoooo!

J and I bought our laptops last Tuesday. We had been shopping around for a few months and decided on a Toshiba with all the same features, except with an AMD processor. Then, when we went to buy it, the sale was gone. So we ended up with these Sony VAIOs, and though we spent a bit more than we wanted to, we're happy...or at least I am...I'll speak for myself.

I keep having consumer guilt...but I'm not going to let it consume me (HA! Horrible pun, eh?). I'm a student. I have papers to write, research to do and blogs to read...and I can't always be running to my office on the weekends. In the end, if this puppy lasts for a good 4 years, I'll be spending about $300/year to use it, which is $25/month. That's not so bad.



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