Thursday, October 18, 2007


Why are women's sweaters really tight, really thin and really short? I don't understand this. Men get sweaters with some bulk...they're thick and warm and cover all of the important body parts. Women get loosely-knit sweaters that barely touch the waist of their pants.

I bought a sweater yesterday and when I got home, I put it on and flapped my arms up and down. No, I wasn't trying to fly...I was doing the wind test, which I highly recommend for any winter clothing. The sweater I had just bought didn't pass. Not at all. Not one fricken' bit. When I flapped my arms, I could feel cold air. Because the sweater was as thin as a tee shirt.

J bought a sweater, made by the same company, for only $10 more. It's so warm! And it passes the wind test. But, according to him, it's "mannish," and I wonder about how important that is. When I'm walking to my car across campus at 10:00pm on a February night, am I going to care that I look sleek and feminine in my tiny worthless sweater? teeth will be chattering and I'll be wondering why I didn't wear the bulky man sweater.

I'd like to start a clothing line based on the following:

1. Not all women are impractical.
2. Not all women like pastel colors and flowers/snowflakes/bunnies.
3. Not all women are under 5'6" tall.
4. Not all women have no use for pockets.
5. Not all women are over age 50 or under age 16.
6. Not all women want their pants to barely cover their crotches.

Any others I've missed?

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