Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enough fussing...

I'm done fussing with my blog. It's still the same, only it's got a new domain. That's right...I now own!

I've made some updates to my may have noticed the labels disappeared for a while. Well, they're back. I've also added more blogs to my "blogroll" and changed my profile picture. The picture is of me at about age 5, sleeping with a giant inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex in my bed. My father came to visit me a few months ago and he brought the picture with him. Here's a close-up:

Notice the glass of milk on the nightstand...and my awesome haircut. test down and two to go. I got my grade for the latest chemistry exam and I got a 128/140 (91%). Not bad, considering the class average was 64%. I also got some new grades back from my chem lab TA. I got another crappy grade on my prelab, so the saga continues. This time it was a 1/3 with no explanation and a huge "X" through the procedures section. I feel that I am able to make a relatively accurate observation:

my prelab grade = 1/my effort and preparation

I'm conducting an experiment, which I will blog about later when the results are in. The gist is this: I get bad grades when I try, so I just handed in a prelab on which I did almost NO work. If I get a 3/3 on that one...

In other news, I now have a list of keywords that bring people to my blog! Turns out that the majority of people (okay...only 3, but that is the majority) are finding my blog by searching for "chemistry lab hate." Other searches include the following:
  • lets get the tardis
  • pictures of baby giant african millipedes
  • meme animals
  • dimetrodon
  • list of all sauropods
  • paluxysaurus

I'm excited that at least a few of these have to do with dinosaurs.

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