Wednesday, October 10, 2007

But Blogger is so easy!!!

I'm sorry about the lack of posting/good posts...I have been trying to figure out how to move to my own domain and it's taken all of my free time.

I bought the domain "" through Google and it's now registered with GoDaddy. I bought a hosting service through GoDaddy as well. I can't really figure out how to point my domain to my GoDaddy account and I can't call customer support while I'm at work because, well...I'm at work. If I had a computer at home, then this wouldn't be a problem...but I don't.'s possible that my domain is pointed to my host...and that I just don't know how to make my stuff show up on the website. I uploaded the site map for this blog with the ftp thingy, renamed it as index.html...but I think something's missing...I'm swamped...overwhelmed...and I have PMS, so you can add angry to that list.

I love Blogger. It's so easy. It makes so much sense to me. How would I even write new posts at my new domain? Would I have to upload them and link them? Do I even have the software to make a web page without having to do it in html code (which I can't do). How do I use blogger templates for my website?


I'm might just call this all a big waste of money and forget about it. But first, I'll call tech support.


Sarah said...

Hi Amanda,

I have no idea how to fix your problem (sorry!) but I did want to let you know that when I checked your blog last night, the "" address showed up in my browser, not the blogger address. I don't know if that tells you anything, but I remember thinking "oh, she bought her own domain!" It didn't seem to have any effect on the page display.


Anonymous said...
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