Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Re-cap

What a wonderful birthday! I woke up at 6:30 as usual, thinking I was going to drive J to work. He didn't seem to be in any hurry so I asked if he was going to work and he told me he'd gotten the day off. It was so nice to spend the morning with him. He got me a great oil paint set, SmartWool socks, and two packages of gummy bears. Naturally, we stayed in bed eating the gummy bears and watching Dr. Who for a good portion of the morning.

Later, the dojo threw me a surprise party. A bunch of people gathered on my porch and we had vegan pizza, vegan chilli, cornbread and vegan chocolate cake. I got some more neat gifts; a piggy bank that says "Saving up for therapy," a book called T-rex and the Crater of Doom, a Diva Cup, a few gift certificates and art. The art was beautiful. My friends Christy and Alex cut out pictures of "dinosaurs" from an old book and fit them to tiles, covered them with a sheer coating of polyurethane and VOILA!: dinosaur coasters. There's a Coelophysis, a T-rex, a "Brontosaurus," a Dimetrodon and an Archaeopteryx. So...they're not all dinosaur coasters, but still...beautiful. J was so amused by the Dimetrodon that he made up a song about it. It goes like this: "Oh Dimetrodon, how come you show up where you don't belong?..." I couldn't date a guy who thought Dimetrodon was a dinosaur!

On the school front, I got my first Chemistry test back today. I was really worried about it because I've spent EVERY spare second I have doing chemistry homework and if it didn't pay off, there wasn't anything more I could possibly do. I was also worried because the test consisted of very basic questions, which was the last thing I expected. I had gone over all of the complex problems and have actually woken up at night with them in my head, but I just ignored the simple stuff. Of course, the test was on all the simple stuff. Anyway, I did well. In fact, according to WebCT, I did better than was possible: 142 points out of 140! I'm really proud of myself. I've put a lot of work into school and it's paying off.

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