Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On a lighter note...(or Adventures of Dimetrodon #1)

I purchased a copy of John Acorn's Deep Alberta after the Dinosaur Mailing List mentioned it (I'm a sucker for buying anything DML-endorsed). The book was beautiful, with great illustrations, equal attention paid to all creatures (not just dinos) and an easy-to-read, story-like narrative. It had less information than I was looking for, but I REALLY enjoyed reading it.

J read it, too, and we both had a good laugh at the Camelops illustration, featuring a camel-like creature gazing at the skull of another animal. The caption read something like this: "Camelops gazes mournfully at the tusk of a mammoth and wonders what it all might mean." Apparently Camelops was having an existential dilemma.

The Camelops caption was fodder for some good text-message humor.

In the spirit of recent Dimetrodon conversations, this one arrived in my email this morning:

Nothing like a few fossil jokes to lighten the mood.

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