Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I wanna know what the scientists think...

I HATE that I'm posting about this, but I'm going crazy over here in this corner of the U.S. and I need some information.

I've been thinking about conspiracy theory all morning. Global governments, corporate control, the idea that the trade center collapses were set up by our own government. I get so pissed off when I hear people talking about that stuff, and not because I don't agree with their ideas, but because I can't seem to formulate an opinion.

Here's my stance on it all: There's not enough information to even begin taking a side. My inclination is to think that conspiracy theorists are a bunch of paranoid people, but I'm not dumb enough to believe my initial inclination. Immediate disbelief in conspiracy theory, on my part, is not due to facts, because I don't have enough of them. It's a result of living in the society that is supposedly conspiring. It's partly me just NOT wanting to believe that people are capable of doing the injustices that they're blamed for.

But my initial disbelief is not unwarranted. I am wary of information that presents itself in a one-sided, in-your-face manner. And that is exactly how conspiracy theory surrounding global government and 9-11 has been presented to me (it is also how media presents information on the other side of conspiracy theory). I don't want my information to come in a completely bias manner. I want to have discussions with people who have first-hand information on ALL sides of the story. I don't trust the information my friends relay to me (that they acquired from a video made by the 9-11 Truth Organization). I just don't. I also don't trust news media when it refers to conspiracy theorists as "crazy," because it's obviously an attempt to discredit those theories without properly addressing/arguing them.

I also don't trust that my government isn't influenced by money and by powerful corporations. Of course it is. It' s also lead by a man who probably believes that Earth is only 6,000 years old and believes that religion has a place in politics.

I can find hundreds of sources that back up conspiracy theory, but VERY FEW scholarly sources that argue against conspiracy theory. At this point, I feel like those in power are dismissing conspiracy theory claims as if they aren't important. And they are. They are entirely warranted claims, based on the information that has been provided (though I STILL don't trust the information to be complete and without bias).

I want information. I want information that is presented in a non-threatening manner by people I can trust.

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Christopher Taylor said...

I have always had one major objection to conspiracy theories - I doubt how capable people are of keeping conspiracies. We have a secret organisation of sometimes hundreds of people, and none of them start blabbing about what they're doing when they go out, get stonking drunk and start trying to chat up strangers? It doesn't sound hugely credible to me.