Friday, March 14, 2008

Thoughts (more like observations) on 10,000 BC...

  • Galloping mammoths?

  • Pyramids in 10,000 BC? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the first pyramids were built around 2600 BC...

  • Sappy sappy love story. Predictable. I actually laughed out loud a few times.

  • Is this the sequal to Clan of the Cave Bear? I'm pretty sure that was a story about a blue-eyed girl of "other people" coming to a community and changing the course of their lives.

  • D'Leh's girlfriend: man, did her eyebrows bother anyone else? I mean, for a Mesolithic girl, she had some really perfect eyebrows with absolutely no stray hairs. But they tried to make them look dark and bushy...they failed. Oh, did they fail.


Will Baird said...

blue-eyed girl of "other people" coming to a community and changing the course of their lives.

You're just jealous there, brown eyes. ;)

How's J doing?

Oh? On topic discussion? uh, probably not going to get to see this one. From what it sounds like it was a stinker anyways. They seem to have screwed up (from the previews at least) how the arms of terror birds work (yes, arms, not wings if my recollection of what Darren wrote about terror birds in TZ vers 1 is correct).

Zach Miller said...

Yeah, not just the arms, Will, but also the fact that terror birds were extinct almost two million years before the movie "takes place."

Amanda said...

Will - Jealous?!? I love my baby browns. They're so...muddy. :) And J is feeling better...not good, but better. It's been a whole week of him feeling "not as bad" so we're living it up. He's having an insurance battle right now...the doc wants him to see an immunologist. The results of his Common Variable Immuno Deficiency panel were suspicious...all his immunoglobin levels were within the normal ranges, but one was at the very bottom, so the results were inconclusive.

Zach - I liked how they climbed the trees using their beaks, but somehow managed to simultaneously snap at the people with them. I did like the sounds they made, though.

Will Baird said...

Jealous?!? I love my baby browns. They're so...muddy. :)

yeahyeahyeah. That's wha they all say. ;) We're light eyed here. Lyuda has green. I have blue-green (they change). Avrora has some amazing blues.

I am glad to hear tha J is feeling at least a bit better. We got Da Flu Plus Version and have been trying to keep from relapsing. Tis an evil virus it tis.

Can I peck atcha to put something up so I can link for the next Boneyard next week? I'm going around to all the paleo types this time around to try to solicit original paleo material.