Monday, March 31, 2008

Good ol' Sunday mornings...

This past weekend was the first weekend I blew off school for fun. It felt good (note that it does not feel good now). On Saturday, I had breakfast with people I'd never spent much time with and consequently got invited to "game night," which I mistook for "sports night." They're not the same things.

Game night was fun. About 10 people got together, played Taboo and Cranium, drank veggie/fruit juice, ate shrimp gumbo and acted silly. At 8, we turned off the lights for Earth Hour and lit candles. One of the hosts of game night is a professor at OPU. He teaches evolutionary biology. I'm excited to have met him and to get the chance to know him more.

Sunday morning, J and I had a plan to lay in bed, eat cereal and watch tv. We bought Fruity Pebbles. Let me just say that Fruity Pebbles tasted so delicious when I was a kid. They're not delicious now. They're GROSS. But in such a wonderful, mouthful-of-sugar way. Anyway...we didn't get to do much relaxing. I obsessed over my chemistry homework and J obsessed over his big research paper and after watching 1/4 of Bridget Jones's Diary and 3,000 commercials, we gave up and started doing schoolwork.

I love school...and I'm in no hurry to get out of it...but or two days with nothing to do would be delicious.

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Zach Miller said...

I'm so happy to not be in school anymore. ;-)