Monday, March 3, 2008

Stuff and Things....

  • We have spring break next week and while I still have to work 40 hours, I'm hoping to really catch up on some practice problems for both my chemistry and calculus classes.

  • I got a B on my second chem test. I know I wrote about how a B wasn't so bad...but this B didn't feel very good. Why? Because I really thought I did better on this test than on the first. And I didn't. The good news: I got a B and not a C or a D or an F. The bad news: this B brought my overall grade down from an A to a B.

  • In the coffee shop the other day, I overheard a group of folks talking about evolution and religion. I wanted to jump in, but I was a bit shy. Instead, when they finished talking, I turned to J and said, "I really wanted to talk to them." He said, "That's what your conference will be like (SVP)." I hope so. I feel a bit starved for like-minded folks.

  • I have a "go-see" today. It's basically an interview for models. Really, it's a chance to get judged entirely on your looks while people try to pretend they're interested in what you do. I don't do this stuff often. Once I reached age 23 and reached a whopping 135 pounds, I became too old and fat to be a model...but they still have me on file and every once in a while, somebody thinks they might like to use me. This happened last year with Abercrombie and Fitch. They selected me out of a bunch of folks and I went in and I could just see their disappointment that I was an old fart. And then they asked me what I liked to do and I made the mistake of saying, "I like to help people with drug abuse problems." I should've stuck with "I like boys and pajama parties." This time may be different...the client is a natural, "we like normal bodies" type of company. And they're looking for local. I'm about as local and normal as they come. The money would be nice (it'd cover the rest of the SVP meeting and my rent for next month).

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Zach Miller said...

A paleontologist who models on the side? I think that's a new one, Amanda! :-)