Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I have/haven't doen this summer: list edition.

Have done:

  • learned to use my new camera (and now I have a newer one to learn!)
  • read books (except I haven't finished "The Link" - I'm finding it to be quite dry)
  • ran around barefoot in the woods
  • swam in my clothes
  • picked strawberries (and tonight - blueberries!)
  • seen Lucy and Ida (and Brian!)
  • read numerous poems by Mary Oliver
  • listened to the first bunch of episodes of Radiolab (please please listen if you haven't!)
  • gone on 3 or more 5k runs each week
  • started doing yoga
  • reached a goal of 5 pull ups and am on my way to 10
  • worked many hours of overtime because a colleague quit
  • been really really lazy when I was home and enjoyed having nothing to do

Have not done:

  • written on this blog

I bought my school books yesterday - looks like my Ecology and Evolution class will be very math-heavy (at least in the beginning). They don't even have my organic chem book in...but I'm sure that'll be very, well, organic chem-heavy.

Since I'm not taking a geology class this semester, I thought I would try and get myself signed up for the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference. The conference is in Lyndonville, Vermont and there are a couple of interesting field trips. I'd like to go on any one of the following:

  • Road to the Kingdom: A Bedrock Transect Across the Pre-Silurian Rowe-Hawley Belt in Central Vermont
  • Glacial Geology, Climate History, and Late-Glacial Archaeology of the Northern White Mountains, New Hampshire
  • Bedrock Geology of the Montpelier Area, Central Vermont

I've also decided to try and fit the following classes into my course of study:

  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Primates and Anthropology

Some of the stuff I've read this summer has really piqued my interest in the role evolution plays in behavior - especially human behavior.


Zachary said...

Ack--swimming in clothes is no fun. It's something I've had to do multiple times. For a real challenge, keep your shoes on. They're like lead in the water.

Julia said...

I reckon you can be excused... ;-) Running barefoot through the woods sounds much more fun than writing blog posts - especially if you get the sort of comments I've been getting recently!