Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're all moved in!!!

And it's awesome!
The new apartment is huge - or at least much bigger than the last. It's got TONS of natural light and windows. The first night we spent there, it was so quiet that I could hear the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. The breeze comes straight into our bedroom window and I wake up to the sound of birds (cardinals!). This morning, it took me five minutes to get to work. I can now go home on my lunch break and read for an hour.


The prints that are hanging up in the picture with J are two that I got at the SVP annual meeting. I've been meaning to matte and frame them for a year and just finally got around to it. I love them!

On a walk yesterday, J found a dead pileated woodpecker. I want to clean it and mount the skeleton, but I'm 98% sure that I won't find the time and that I'll just end up with a ton of bones, stuffed in a baggie somewhere in my closet. I haven't totally nixed the idea, though - I would love to have the skull with the little hyoid apparatus.


Will Baird said...

Fantastic, now do a paleo post for the boneyard! :P ;)

(BTW, new place looks great)

Julia said...

Shove it in a cardboard box, bury it in the back garden, put a large slab on top of it to stop it being dug up, check back in a few months' time. Easy as! New place looks awesome.

Laelaps said...

Congrats on the move! Your new digs look great.

Zachary said...


Your new place looks kickass!