Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fred Phelps in Vermont

I learned the other day that Fred Phelps has Vermont on his picket schedule. On September 1st, the day that the new marriage equality law goes into effect, he and about 9 others will picket in Montpelier and Burlington. Phelps is planning on picketing in Vermont for about 3 hours. The RU12? Community Center is countering the picketing by holding a pledge drive.

I urge you to donate even a penny a minute (that's just $1.80!).

I'm going to take the day off from work and spend my day living as peacefully as possible...my own little protest. Maybe I'll protest in person...but I don't know...I don't want to give the crazy too much attention. It's a tough call with people as crazy as Phelps.

How would you protest? Would you protest at all?


Nels Werner IV said...

By carrying a sign pointing out the obvious child abuse going on at the "love protests"

Nels Werner IV said...

turns out Fred Phelps used to beat his sons Nate and Mark with a tool called a Mattock.
I wonder if several people showed up at the protest with mattock's, if it might cause emotional trauma for the children of Fred.
I mean if one of them were to "loose it" from bad memories, right there in public, it would be priceless

Rog said...

@ Nels Werner IV:

It would not be funny if one of his kids lost it in public. Vile though they may be, remember that they are the biggest victims of Fred Phelps, and deserve our pity. Only Phelps himself deserves a pubilc breakdown. I would be VERY interested to know what would cause him to break down, because I honestly cannot imagine what could have happened to him in his youth to have made him so evil.