Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Cleveland Police Officer,

Thanks for making my first venture out into Cleveland the deciding factor in whether or not I'll ever go to Cleveland again.

I'm from a small, rural state, so I recognize that it's possible that I don't know how to cross the street in a big city; however, I think that the large crosswalk sign with the yellow flashing lights was a pretty good indicator to oncoming traffic that pedestrians had the right of way.

I didn't just "jump out in front of the bus," like you seem to think I did. I did indicate to the bus driver that I was planning on crossing the street by standing on the curb and making eye contact with him. He even managed to come to an almost complete stop before I ever set foot in the road. And that's when you lost your shit.

My new friend had already started to cross when I stepped out into the road. You yelled "HEY! What the fuck do you think you're doing!" and started to go after him. When you got to my side, you stopped and said, "What is your fat-ass friend's problem, jumping out in front of a bus like that?" Let me remind you, ma'am, that the bus had already stopped. I know this because you wouldn't have been able to do what you did next if it hadn't.

I didn't want to be anywhere near your crazy ass, so I started to cross. You abruptly put your arm in front of my chest and screamed something incoherent. And then, while stopping me, the pedestrian, with your meaty arm (who were you to call my friend fat???), in the zone where I obviously had the right of way, you motioned for the bus to move on. You actually physically stopped me so that you could get your way.

I was glad to get away from you, finally, until I realized that I had left my nametag in the restaurant I'd just eaten at. So, I had to go back across the street and cross it yet again. And wouldn't you know, you pulled the same thing again.

Ma'am, you have a duty. To protect and serve. That's why we pay you, with our tax dollars. If you want to act like a 15 year-old high school whiner in a cat-fight, I suggest you give up your badge and find a new vocation.

Calling people "fat-ass" and being physical with people who aren't posing a threat to you are totally unacceptable actions. I wish I'd gotten your name and followed through with my verbal threats to get you fired. If everyone in power acted as you did, this country would downright suck.

Thanks for being such an asshat.

Hugs and kisses,



Thomas R. Holtz, jr. said...

Ummm, yikes!

ScottE said...

Wow. Some people are really insane.

Fortunately, I didn't have a congruent experience. Even random passerby on the street helped me to find where I was going...

JJ said...

Bloody hell! That's just OTT. Yet when we were in NYC, I hesitated at a crosswalk because although there was nothing coming down the one-way street a traffic cop was there directing traffic. And as soon as he and I made eye contact he just shrugged, winked and waved me and Paul across the road. And this is NEW YORK!!