Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haircuts and Majors

It's almost my birthday. I'll be 26 on the 22nd...that's on Monday, if you were wondering when to send my gift.

As a present to myself, I'm getting a haircut. And not just any haircut, but a REALLY expensive haircut.


Well, I suppose it's because the hair stylist in town that I've only heard positive things about charges that much. He'd better be good. I mean, REALLY good. I'd better leave there feeling like I've got the sexiest hair ever. Or with a new car or something.

I have to be in a wedding in a week, so I need to look presentable. Plus, I only get my hair cut, like, once a year, so I'm going to stop feeling guilty right NOW. Or now.

Nope...not working.

I'm actually going to buy myself two gifts this year. The haircut and these shoes:

J swears by these things...they're waterproof and green...what else could anyone ask for?

I'm not really rolling in the dough right now, but I have finally caught up with my fiances* since Echo died. Finally, I have just a little money in the bank and a little in savings.


I'm thinking about switching my major back to geology and possibly scrapping this whole "oh my gawsh I really need to be an expert on everything by grad school" thing. I'm taking a fantastic geology course and I'm totally in love with it. While my professor is new and awkward and not so hot at keeping control of the classroom, the information is enough to keep me engaged. And the labs are really really cool. We spent last week at the beach measuring wave ripples and grain size and talking about the energy of the environment and how we might determine the velocity of the waves in an ancient beach. This week we went to a gorge and made a profile of the river there, determining the probability of flooding and identifying the components of the river (like the point bars and floodplain). It's very hands-on. So, I'm thinking that I still want to study paleo, but that I might actually be more interested in the geology part of paleo...

The only problem is, our geology department is small and there aren't enough people to teach all the courses that are listed in the university catalogue. So, I could plan out the next two years of courses, but at any point, the courses I want to take could just fail to exist; most specifically Sedimentary/Metamorphic Petrology, which I think is kinda important.

Anyway...for the record, here's a BEFORE shot of my hair (and my dad...he came to visit this past weekend):

I'll post an AFTER shot tomorrow. Hopefully my hair will look different. If not, I'll make a video of me burning $90 and post it the day after.

*I'm not engaged...I meant "finances"...but it's too funny to fix.


Thomas said...

It's interesting to see this development - the world could always use more geology majors! I can't speak from experience, but I've been told that you'll do fine if you take a mix of biology and geology classes. Aside from the potential department problems it seems like you would do fine majoring in geology and taking some bio classes on the side. I came to an interest in the geology side of paleo in a similiar manner - while I, sadly, haven't been on any field trips yet the labs are great and I found them much more interesting than the intro bio labs.

Also, it's good to see that you're enjoying the class despite the professor still needing to do some confidence building.

Laelaps said...

I hope you can switch; it sounds like you'd be really happy in geology.

I actually wish I knew more geology. I took 101 a few years ago but I didn't pay much attention (back then I didn't really care). I know plenty about the biology side but I really need to better school myself on the basics of geology. Given the way things are set up at my school, though, I'm going to have to teach myself since there's no time for anything except physics and chemistry. I hope you can switch and find your niche, though. As thomas said, there's nothing wrong with having another geology major in the world. :)

Zach said...

Advanced geology made my brain swell and hurt. At a certain point, it becomes chemistry, which is like lupus (to me). Good to hear you're enjoying it, though.