Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yeah, my birthday rocked. Like, it was great. After I got out of class at 9 pm, I went straight home and this was waiting for me:

Yeah, my cake say "Yeah buddy happy." That's right. And those are Smooth 'n' Melty mints and that card does say "Happy Birthday Buddy."

J made me tacos for dinner, which was awesome. Because tacos are awesome.

And then we all retired to the living room and I opened my gifts, which were also awesome.

The telescope: Celestron Astromaster 114az
The shoes: sweet Gore-Tex trail running shoes. Green.

Guess what I'm trying to do with the telescope? Here's three hints (or two hints and one shot of J just because):

The bird was in the top of the tree to the left of the house in the first picture!

So I'm not too good at it yet, as you can tell from the grainy and out-of-focus last picture, but I figure some more practice and I'll have at least something I'm proud of.

I've been wanting to try this ever since I read this post over at Ask Dr. Vector.


Zachary said...

Nice shoes! Those would serve you well up here in the summer. That telescope is awesome, too. If you ever break your leg, you'll have something to do! :-)

Will Baird said...

heh. You people and your extant archosaurian obsessions. sheesh.

Happy BDay!