Thursday, September 18, 2008

After the Cut

So, I DON'T have to burn $90 in a video for you. Maybe only $30.

The haircut was great. Is great. Whatever.

It doesn't look all that different in a photograph, but it looks much nicer in real life - it's curlier, has more body, has less zingers (those little flyaway things), and just generally looks healthier. Plus, it weighs at least 20 pounds less.

The hairstylist thinned it out with thinning shears and halfway through, he was like "Hey...can someone come help me???" I thought he was maybe doing to do some crazy clipping maneuver that required another person holding him up or something, but I guess he just wanted someone to sweep up all of my hair, because he was up to his ankles in it. Seriously. The girl who swept it up looked like she was sweeping up a large capybarra that wouldn't let go of the broom. TONS of hair. And I still have more than enough.

I rode my bike to the salon because I'm on a save money and the environment kick, so I also had to ride the bike home. By the time I got there, all the styling was gone and my hair looked

And of course, I didn't have 1,000 hair products to put into my hair this morning, so it doesn't look half as nice as it did last night. But, I'm 75% happy with it, and that's WAY more than usual.


JJ said...

Looking good Amanda! Can I have some of your excess hair? Or we can swap my very fine poker-straight hair for your curls!

Zach said...

This is probably totally a guy thing: I can't tell the difference. :-)

But hey, lookin' good!