Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What is this?

I'd really like to identify this fossil:

It's at the Fisk Quarry Preserve in Isle la Motte, Vermont. The fossil dates to the Ordovician and is part of the middle layer of the Chazy Reef.

Any ideas?


Zach said...

Looks like a negative imprint of a sand dollar! :-)

Amanda said...

Part of me is afraid it isn't a fossil at all, but just an imprint left by a drilling machine or something!

It does seem to be some sort of Echinoderm (???), I think.

I actually have no idea. I know squat about Paleozoic creatures at this point in my life!

Anonymous said...

I've done lots of fossil collecting and paleo research in the Ordovician of Ontario, Quebec, New York and Vermont. Without any doubt, this is not a fossil as Amanda had said previously. It's definitely from a drill probably made for blasting.


TyMandasMom said...

According to my friend who lives in Canada, but who grew up in the area you are talking about, that is a
Drillosaurus Rex ;)

So you did indentify it correctly, Amanda :)

Amanda said...

It's funny...I've had two people say it's a drill and two paleontologists say it looks fossilliferous - either a coral or the weathered out mold of a gastropod.

Matthew said...

I'd go with drill impression myself. It doesn't look like it has the right structure for a rugose coral or a gastropod.

And hey, where's your scale in this photo? Some of the fossils at the Fisk quarry get fairly large :-)

Another VT paleontologist,

Amanda said...

Another VT paleontologist???? I didn't know we had any here!!! That's so exciting.

What part of VT are you in? How did you get interested in paleo?

Matthew said...

Well, technically I'm not in VT at the moment, but I was born and raised there and went to school in upstate New York. Now I'm in North Dakota.

I was always into dinosaurs and stuff. Now I'm studying clams from right below the K/T boundary, which is interesting as well. You never know where you're going to end up!