Thursday, December 27, 2007

Okay, okay...

Sorry about the lack of posting. I've been out-of-town this past week on holiday and while I've had access to the internet, I've also had a lot of stuff to do and people to see and a short amount of time to fit it all into! But I'm home now and have a few days off, so I'll try and catch up.

Vacation was (and is) great. I went to NYC for a few days to visit my father, and to Connecticut to visit my mother. While in NYC, I got a chance to meet fellow paleoblogger, Brian "Laelaps" Switek, at the American Museum of Natural History. He was excellent company (and a good tour guide, as he knows vastly more about paleo-stuff, especially related to AMNH, than I do). J and I had a great time lurking the halls of the 4th floor with Brian. We were really happy with the whole experience, which was nice, given that we both tend to have a high level of social anxiety and were afraid we'd be really shy and awkward).

I experienced a lot of camera envy as Brian's camera was scores cooler than mine, but my trusty little Canon held up well, and I got a lot of neat pictures. Here are a few:

From the top...J gaping at some extinct mammal that I can't remember the name of (yes, he's embellishing a bit...he wasn't that amazed), a mammoth skull, Brian checking out Triceratops, and the hips of Apatosaurus.

There's more to come,'s funny...the less I have to do, the busier I seem to be.


Zach Miller said...

I need to get out there. I mean, I really need to get out there.

Amanda said...'re always welcome to stay with us here in Vermont! I mean, we're still a good six hours from the museum, but it's closer than Alaska!