Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Squidmas!

I love that there's a thing called "Squidmas" and that it's associated with atheism and science. I love how it rolls off the tongue.

This Squidmas, I'm going to see my family, like I always do this time of year. I've got a bunch of great stuff planned:
  • Leave work early on Friday and drive to NYC to see my dad. Possibly meet up with my friend Jayme that night for mischief.
  • Get up without an alarm on Saturday (which still means 7 a.m.) and have coffee. Walk to the American Museum of Natural History and meet up with Mr. Brian "Laelaps" Switek. More mischief.
  • Leave AMNH and go to MOMA, this time for real. *
  • Spend the rest of Saturday night doing whatever I please.
  • Get up without an alarm on Sunday. Laze around. Get coffee. Go to a matinee showing of Avenue Q with J and maybe my brother.
  • Spend Sunday night opening Squidmas presents with my brother, J, my dad and his boyfriend.
  • Get up Monday without an alarm, get coffee and drive to my mother's house in Connecticut.
  • Wake up on Squidmas morning and exchange gifts with my mom, brother and J.
  • Spend the rest of Squidmas doing whatever I please.
  • Wake up on Wednesday morning, laze around, get coffee and eventually head back home.

So lots of great stuff planned...I'll be sure to post photos from AMNH...I have a plan that involves art and paleoblogging and SVP and people that read my blog regularly. But that won't be revealed for another nine months or so.

Really, I'm just excited to have time off, especially with J, since we don't get to wake up and be lazy together EVER. And I'm totally excited to see my folks, my friends, my brother and to meet Brian.

*The last time we went to NYC, J and I walked to MOMA. But we actually walked past it, looked at it and said "oh, there's a sign for MOMA," and then continued on to the Met, which we thought was MOMA. We looked at ancient horse armor, pyramids and medievil art and still somehow though we were at the Museum of Modern Art. It wasn't until we left and looked at a map of Central Park that we realized how dumb we were. So we have this little's not really a joke...we just laugh about it. A lot.


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Merry Squidmas, Amanda!

Say Merry Squidmas to Brian "Laelaps" Switek from Mike, the Tangled Up In Blue Guy.

Amanda said...

Oh, sure! Merry Squid/Christ/Whatever-Mas to you, too!

Thank you!