Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've been engaging in an argument about evolution in the comment section of the local newspaper (due to recent local events involving a propagandist and an honorary degree) for the last few mornings and this morning, I got really, really tired of it. I've been called a "libtard," been accused of only being interested in listening to people who share my worldview, been accused of loving Micheal Moore (are you serious? not even close!). And I've seen people rail on other people for being religious. It's ugly - lots of hate and irrational finger-pointing. Everyone is talking at each other with their fingers in their ears. It's a battle between liberalism and conservatism. It's a battle between religious and non-religious. Except I don't believe that's the truth.

I believe that the people who are most aggressively arguing are also the most extreme. Extreme liberals, extreme conservatives. It's a public display of the most extreme types of people around. I'm willing to bet that there are many people out there, completely disinterested in arguing, or thinking there's a better way, who are religious, liberal people that understand evolution and its contributions to our understanding of the world. And there are atheist conservatives who feel the same way. It's not as black and white as it seems. I refuse to believe that.

What I do notice is that the majority of people I've come into contact with arguing that evolution is full of holes seem to have a very very poor understanding of how evolution works. And it angers me that there are people out there that are so willing to call it a lie, when their understanding of evolution doesn't even go beyond the high school level.


Jerry D. Harris said...

when their understanding of evolution doesn't even go beyond the high school level

Obviously I haven't been following your particular "debate," but if their levels of understanding are anything like the ones typically seen in other similar "debates," then you are being extremely generous in your assessment and description of their comprehension...!

Zachary said...

Jerry stole my comment.

Allen Hazen said...

Aren't you at UVM? I've been away from the U.S.A. for a long time (American, been teaching at an Australian University), but if the creationists are coming out of the wookwork in Burlington, Vermont (home town of John Dewey, as the UVM philosophy department occasionally notes), things are bad!