Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pretty angry...

I've got to admit: I'm pretty f$*king angry today. As usual, I got into work this morning and checked my favorite blogs for news (as I can no longer trust any of the popular news media for ANYTHING). A few stories really got to me...namely these:

Is it News that a Teenager is Skeptical?
Expelled draws more aggro
An open letter to my hippie neighbors

I really really want to move to Canada. Seriously. They have the oldest rocks in the world, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, universal health care, the loony and the Burgess Shale. And not as many f&*kwits as we have here (and I 'm in the relatively sane portion of the country).


Jerry D. Harris said...

No go, ace -- blithering idiocy is pandemic and probably always will be until someone comes up with a virus that is instantly fatal to the stupid.

TyMandasMom said...

I am so glad that I did not give birth to a blithering idiot. Don't let the the "stupid (uninformed, unwilling to learn)" cause you anger to the point of high blood pressure ;)

The news media survives (in my opinion) on doom, gloom and the utterly ridiculous. Unfortunately, the internet provides space for any idiot to pretend to be an authority.

The uneducated seem to have the need to call academians "elitists"
when they have nothing else on which to base their opinions.

Keep doing what you do best. Think critically and then toss the stupidity on the trash pile where it belongs.

Zach said...

Jeebus. The vaccination thing really grinds my gears. The whole "it causes autism" thing is baseless, and I can't figure out why people cling to that so tightly! VACCINATE YOUR CHILD, FOR GOD'S SAKE! Oh, you don't believe in vaccination because it's not "natural?" Well, you obviously have no idea how a baby's immune system works!

I just...I'll go off on rant if I continue.

Traumador said...

On the moving to Canada thing don't pack your bags just yet... The grass is always greener

Especially if you're planning to move to Drumheller or the surrounding area. Their pretty red neck and stupid right wing around that area... Most of the locals are creationists and not too fond of "museum folk" apart from the money we bring into town (which doesn't make up for our "spouting lies about god's glorious creation").

In fact Alberta as a whole is very much a mini America within Canada, and sadly all your geographic destinations are Alberta bound (true the Burgess is just over the BC border in Field, but the only major urban centres that are close are in Alb, and Field is unbelievably boring trust me).

That's why I left Canada myself for NZ, and I lived and worked at the Tyrrell. Alberta is not the best Canada has to offer. Though without the people it probably would be ;p

trilobite said...

You should totally come to Canada, although take note of what traumador said, he's dead on about alberta.

I live in BC, which is an odd mix of super-conservative, and loony lefty.

Amanda said...

That's too bad...I was hoping Alberta would be my newfound paradise. Oh well. I probably live in a great area, as far as states go, for avoiding scary super-right-wing fundies. Unfortunatley, I get a lot of the really-left lefties...the kind of people who don't put a lot of critical thinking into an issue...they just get behind it because they hear their rights are being violated.

There's really no escaping the madness, I'm sure. If there were a paleo-culture here, I'd be pretty damn unlikely to relocate.