Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maintaining sanity, freshmen and why my boyfriend is amazing.

Maintaining Sanity: I've had a rough week. Seems I've fallen into a funk, which means that it takes that much more effort for me to maintain some amount of sanity. Usually, I start eating crappy food. I spend more money because I'm too lazy to cook dinner and lunch. I skip my aikido classes. I isolate myself from my friends and develop insecurities that manifest themselves in really ugly behavior (which then fuel the insecurities). ENOUGH!

This happens a lot :) What I've realized is that I don't have the luxury of enjoying my sanity. I need to work to maintain it, or else I don't have it. This is a bleak prospect. But it's also just the way things are. So...the only thing to do is continually work...spend time with people, do something that keeps me spiritually grounded. I cannot think myself into a good place...but I can take actions that will change my attitude. After a few days of self-care, I feel much better.

Freshmen: I am officially a student again. Because I am going back for another B.S., I am in a lot of intro courses. So are all the freshmen. Here are a few words for my fellow classmates:
  • Stop packing up your crap five minutes before the end of class. When I ask the professor a question, it's because I don't understand something and I feel that it's vital to my success in the class. I would like to be able to hear his reply.
  • When you ask a question and the professor says "no," and you ask "why," it becomes obvious that you spent the last fifteen minutes sleeping or chatting.
  • It's 65 degrees outside...that skirt only covers your crotch. Stop complaining about how cold it is in the lecture hall.
  • No...the homework isn't required. But it's strongly recommended. If you did the homework and still have questions, ask away. If you didn't...STOP WASTING MY TIME.

Why my boyfriend is amazing: I haven't done a tribute to J yet, but I've been feeling especially grateful for his presence in my life lately. Here's a few reasons why:

  • When I throw a fit because I can't do distribution analysis, J rubs my back and asks me why I'm having a hard time. And then I explain why and I feel smart again. And he listens, even though he has no idea what I am talking about.
  • At the end of each House episode, J does a funny walk to the beat of the soundtrack. And he doesn't stop until I'm in stitches.
  • When I try to leave for work, J won't let me go without making me hug him for a few minutes. And when he has to leave first, he makes sure he comes and hugs me goodbye.
  • Every morning, J sends me a text message that begins with "good morning, beautiful."

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