Friday, January 9, 2009

I know, I know...but it's almost over!

This contest is over in a month and you have all been SO SO SO helpful and I really appreciate it a lot! I'm currently in 4th place and I need another round of votes to boost me up again!

Also, if anyone can figure out how to make the photo show up in the above box, I'd appreciate the advice...I'm not great with html code.


Jerry D. Harris said...

Fourth place??!??!? Damn, girl -- I been votin' for ya from two different computers multiple times a day for weeks now...!!! What's a guy gotta do?!?

Amanda said...

:) Thanks Jerry! I know...a lot of people have voted for me a million times a day! I am really touched, actually, that so many people have taken the time. So, even if I just stay in stupid 4th place, I feel like I really won the jackpot! :)

I start school first Mineralogy class...I'm so excited. And I got a rock hammer, so now I feel like I'm officially on the path.