Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last night, Echo started eating food off of my fingers. This is GREAT! I no longer have to use a syringe to get food into her mouth. She is much happier now. The only problem is, I have to feed her every hour or so, which makes going anywhere kinda tough. She's still not eating a lot and she's still just chillaxing in her little bed all day, but she doesn't seem miserable and her grooming tells me that she hasn't lost the will to live.

I'm starting to think about textbooks again, since school is rolling up on me quite quickly. I would like to buy them as early as possible to avoid having to buy them in the bookstore, just in case I can get a better deal elsewhere. Of course, I can't do anything until my next paycheck gets deposited.

It's strange going from a place of financial comfort to living paycheck-to-paycheck. It's not all that long ago that I was only making $11,000 a year, so you'd think I'd be used to it. I'm going to have to get used to it again, I'm sure, when I start school full-time.

It's early: 7 am. I got up an hour earlier than usual to feed Echo and will feed her again in a half hour. I love being up before everyone else. It's so quiet and I really need that right now.

In an hour, I'll leave for work and drop J off at Starbucks. The last time we were there, we made everyone smile when we serenaded each other with that Willy Nelson version of "You are Always on My Mind." He's a good dude, that J.

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Thomas said...

Good to see that your cat is doing better (I started reading the blog maybe three weeks ago, so I've been around to hear about all of this =P) and that's a great story!

If I may make a recommendation, on off the off-chance that you want to serenade at home, check out Willie Nelson's Stardust album. If you enjoy classic pop/jazz standards and enjoy Willie Nelson, it rules. Not to mention, I NEVER would have thought a harmonica would have worked so well with Stardust or Moonlight in Vermont or any of the other tin pan alley songs until I heard it there...[/Geek]