Monday, July 2, 2007

Oh, Florida

I've spent the last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with J. We flew down on the 23rd and drove back on the 30th. It was a great trip, but for a few minor setbacks.
Some highlights included our trip to the Miami Science Museum where dinosaur skeletons from China were exhibited, some for the first time. I tried to take National Geographic-quality photos, but all I got were these crummy pics:

(from left top to right bottom: Lufengosaurus (2 species); Sinraptor; Omeisaurus and Tuojungosaurus; Shunosaurus; Confuciusornis; um...I think it's spelled Longistravus; and Yangchuanosaurus)

(Jordan and Mr. Anatamically Screwed Dinosaur on the dino couch)
The exhibit was pretty small, but a lot of the skeletons were on exhibit for the first time in the States, and many were nearly complete.

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